That gail and holly scene in 510

I’m glad that I’m not the only one that felt that scene was weird. It almost felt gratuitous in how rushed it was. Like “here you go, they’re kissing, now stop whining”. It seemed completely OOC for holly and just didn’t have any intimacy to it. My favorite thing about my gail/holly scenes was the intimacy and that did not have any of it. I love gail and holly kisses more than anything but i would honestly trade that for some honest dialogue between these two dummies. Something’s off…


Troy and Ashley interview for Playstation

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RB 509 Gail Edit

Super sorry for being late this week. Life has been kicking my butt.


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Will American Ninja Warrior crown its first female champion at the top of Mount Midoriyama?

Kacy Catanzaro became the first woman ever to complete a city finals course, in Dallas, and the first woman to ever make it to the finals in Las Vegas. If she manages to conquer Mount Midoriyama she could win the $500,000 prize and the title of American Ninja Warrior.

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Gail and Holly 412| 507

"Thanks for your answer. I like that we think alike. Great minds ;) I have another question. The recap of 5.07 talks about a scene 7 where Holly is rehydrating the thumb and Gail being there. I can't find any pics of that scene. And it's not in the posted vid. Can you help?" by claudiaz82


It is not. I noticed that too when I watched the episode. I haven’t found a video in which it is included yet, but I’d really recommend you to watch the entire episode. It’s actually a really great episode with amazing performances, and you really miss out if you don’t see it. Plus, the scene is super cute, even if it’s only like 5 seconds.

I realized I missed that part and have just edited those 5 seconds into the 507 video I uploaded earlier. I just replaced the video on vimeo so the original video post should still work.